Invest – Hands Free Property Investment

We pride ourselves on working with both first time and experienced investors , delivering strong performing property investments in areas where prices are robust and there is constant demand for rental property. We target specific markets and property types that attract longer term tenants, close to schools, universities and industry, resulting in less void periods and enhanced cash flow.

Increasingly, we are working with investors who are looking to build multi unit portfolios and we make it easy for them to optimise their returns through opportunities in the UK property market, whilst keeping their involvement to a minimum. This means our clients can concentrate on their other interests and we can concentrate on what we’re good at – ensuring we provide deals which offer solid, protected returns time and again.

Property Trader Consulting is a perfect fit for investors who know they wish to invest in the UK market, but who may lack the time, experience or inclination to commit to research the market, source opportunities and then undertake the work involved in viewing property.

Property Trader Provides;

  • Guidance around the best investment strategy based on your requirements
  • Sourcing of suitable real estate deals and opportunities
  • Services to ensure your property investment and portfolio comply with current housing legislation
  • Organising and managing any required renovations or refurbishments – from minor to major – adding increased capital value as well as maximising rental yield potential
  • Arranging tenant sourcing and ongoing management of your new real estate investment and wider portfolio, and
  • Subsequent disposal of your property portfolio when you wish to exit the market.
  • If you need advice on the best property investment strategy for your needs, get in touch with us today

We make investing in property easy and our process is an ideal fit for investors who don’t have the time, the expertise, contacts or inclination to source and manage their own investments. At Property Trader we do all the hard work and enable our clients benefit from a hands off investment, confident in the knowledge that they will secure great returns on their investments.

When looking to invest in property, it’s sensible to work with a company that knows and understands the market and the location. Property Trader is well positioned to help offer support and guidance on where best to invest your money securely and for the best return.

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